Our Deli features Nature's Own Beef, Turkey, and Hams
and so much more..
Our Meat Department works with the best local meat experts
We Heart Local
Nature's Pumpkin Harvest
Nature's Spray Free U-Pick Blueberries
Nature's has one of the largest Organic Produce sections in the valley
Fresh Local BC Fruit & Veggies arriving daily
We are proud to partners with the Localize Your Food Project

The Farm Market

Living and working in the Fraser Valley we are surrounded by local farms and farmers.  With neighbors like Birchwood Dairy Farm, Gelderman Farms, Taves Family Farm and Willow View Farm it is pretty easy to support local farmers.  The 100 Mile Diet, in the Fraser Valley, can be easily taken to task.

Being strong advocates of supporting local, Nature’s Pickin’s Market works directly with farmers bringing their products in store, the back door is always bustling with deliveries of fresh local produce, from apples, strawberries, and kiwi’s to potatoes, green beans, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and so much more.

“We are very proud of BC’s agriculture and feel very honored to have our part in it.”

Our Features for the week of  
February 3rd to February 9th

Its Gluten Free Week!!!




  • 4lb Heirloom Oranges  $6.99 Ea
  • Asparagus                        $5.99 Ea
  • Cauliflower                      $3.99 Ea
  • Iceberg Lettuce              $1.99 Ea

Grass Fed Sirloin Tip Roast  $8.79 lb 
Local Chicken Thighs             $4.99 lb 
Lean Ground Beef                    $8.29 lb
• Center Cut Pork Chops           $4.89 lb
Grass Fed/Finished Beef has higher levels of Omega 3


 Natures Own Roast Beef  $3.69/100g
• Old Fashioned Ham          $1.69/100g
 All Pepperoni Sticks          3 for $5.00
Swiss Emmental                $2.99/100g


Splendor Garden Quick Oats   .50¢ Off!
Spice Works Mixes                     Local
One Degree Granola                  .50¢ Off!
• Gluten-ull Cookies                      Local