About Nature's Pickin's

Nature’s Pickin’s Produce Market is owned and operated by Doug and Caroline Phillips. Doug Phillips was born and raised in Abbotsford and is proud to be part of the business community. With 30 plus years of experience, Doug knows one thing first and foremost... Quality... he expects it of himself and in his business. He only will offer the best quality product available. Because Abbotsford is Doug's home town, he is proud to source product from as many local farmers as possible.

Throughout the fourteen years Nature’s Pickin’s has been in business, the one thing that has set them apart, is their service and care of their customer and their staff; both becoming family to Doug and Caroline. “Because we are business operators as well as owners we want our work life to reflect family life as much as possible. We are a team, because we know without each other and without everyone that comes through our doors we would not be here. So we are so grateful to our fantastic staff and to the Abbotsford community for their support.”